Purchasing Your Swimming Pool in Winter – Why it’s a Good Idea

There’s nothing better in the heat than coming home after an exhausting day of work and being able to cool off in the pool or, even, enjoy the weekend with friends and family in a space as pleasant as this, right? However, in order for you to enjoy these pleasures when summer arrives, you need to prepare yourself now. The time for planning and building a pool is not long, but the ideal is to start as soon as possible. In order for you to better understand the reasons to buy a swimming pool in winter, we have produced this article. He will answer all your doubts about building a fiberglass pool and even bring you the reasons for you to start construction right now. Follow up!

Five reasons to buy a swimming pool in winter

We want that, when the hot summer days arrive, your pool is ready for you to enjoy the best moments with your family and friends.

That’s why we’ve separated the top five reasons for you to buy a pool in winter and start building it in the same season.

1. Lower cost and ease of payment

It is normal that in winter the demand for the construction of swimming pools decreases compared to times of high temperatures. In this way, the low demand reflects in the reduction of prices precisely because there is so much demand. This means that you can save a lot when purchasing yours.

In addition, it is common for companies, in order to encourage sales, to offer better payment terms and facilities.

2. Favorable climate

Dry weather and low chances of rain are a very positive point for anyone planning to build a swimming pool in winter. This is because the periods of bad weather, typical of the summer, are one of the main factors for the delay of the works, to the point of taking up to more than a month to be completed.

3. Greater availability of labor

It is true that many people do not have space left on the land to install that dream pool. Even so, when these people move and look for new homes, having space to install a pool is usually a differential. Imagine, then, the size of the differential of having a house with the pool already installed and ready to bathe!

Homes that have complete leisure areas, including spaces such as pools and barbecues, can be worth up to 30% more! In other words, having a swimming pool at home is, without a doubt, a great investment that will help increase the value of your property in the future — even if the sale is not in your plans, it is important to know that the subsequent appreciation is real.

4. Swimming Pool in Winter: more time to plan

Designing a swimming pool is not as simple as it sounds. It is necessary to carefully analyze several factors, such as soil conditions, the best type of pool and coating, as well as accessories, such as lighting and whirlpool.

That way, in winter, you can check each of these details more carefully and make the best decisions to create a really special space in your home.

5. All ready for summer

When the high temperatures arrive, everything will be ready! You won’t have to worry about work or the investment to be made. Just throw yourself in, relax and enjoy the hot days with family and friends.

What to consider when choosing a swimming pool in winter?

For you to make the right choice, we also selected some items that are fundamental and should be very well analyzed when creating your leisure space. Stay tuned!

  • Types of pools: we have already mentioned that there are several types of pools available in the market. To select the ideal one for your home, you need to know each one of them and check what will guarantee the best cost-benefit for you.
  • Safety: investing in items such as a protective cover, drowning alarm, anti-trapping drains, signage and non-slip flooring is essential. This will ensure safety from preventing access to the pool, when it cannot be used, to while bathing, protecting bathers.
  • Water treatment: to maintain water quality it is necessary to treat it continuously. Thus, it remains crystal clear and the pH is always balanced, ensuring the health and well-being of bathers.
  • Decoration: last but not least, to make the pool environment harmonious and cozy, you can invest in decoration items such as lighting, gardens, vases and furniture.

Did you like our tips about swimming pool in winter? If you are looking for a quality and traditional fiberglass pool, Agape Pools has several models and formats to choose from. We offer state-of-the-art fiberglass swimming pools. Click here and discover your home pool!

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