Check Out 4 Amazing Pool Landscaping Tips

Anyone who lives at home or plans to have one often dreams of an amazing leisure area to relax! That’s why pool landscaping is one of the steps to consider when it comes to renovating your home.

Investing in the decoration of this space means taking advantage of all the available area, valuing and making it more pleasant to enjoy with family and friends. So, if you have the privilege of having a pool in your home, you can start thinking of new ways to highlight it with the help of a professional landscaper.

Now, if you prefer to get your hands dirty, we have several tips on how to start this project. Want to know how to make your leisure area a unique and stylish place? We can help you by showing you how to choose the type of flooring, lighting and furniture for your garden.

How to do pool landscaping?

1. Set the lighting

Let’s start with the essential tip for the beginning of your project: lighting. It must be thought through before the completion of the pool, as not all options can be applied after everything is ready.

Choose the type of technology and which points will have more luminosity. Install the lights away from the places where people use the space the most, always thinking about comfort. Also define what the shape and color of the pool will be, as this also influences the definition of the lights.

Colored lights are a trendy option, but you run the risk of getting tired of them over time. Optical fiber is the safest way, as well as creating subtle points of light.

2. Choose floor type

Do you know what are the main trends when it comes to swimming pools? Well, there are many options. There are floors and colors for all tastes! But first of all, you need to think about security.

The choice of flooring around it must be well planned to avoid accidents. There is a good variety of floors on the market that meet this requirement. To define the ideal, it will depend on the style you want to leave in the place and the environment (indoor or outdoor pool).

Also, you should think about how much you’re willing to pay, as the values of materials vary widely. Also pay attention to the type of mortar, because over time it can come off the floor. Below, we list the most commonly used types of floors:

– Non-slip thermal floors

Highly recommended, developed not to absorb heat under intense sun. That way you don’t burn your feet when you get out of the pool.

– Ceramic and porcelain floors

They have the advantage of low cost, do not fade in the sun and can be purchased in non-slip versions. The variety of colors is huge.

– Wood floors (wood deck)

They give the environment a rustic and cozy touch. The disadvantage is that the wood is damaged by the action of heat, requiring regular care. To ensure its durability, it is necessary to apply waterproofing. Therefore, it is more interesting to use the material in indoor pools or without the direct action of the sun/heat.

3. Invest in the use of plants

Do you love plants and want to create a garden next to the pool? First, know that there are the most recommended types.

It’s good to avoid vegetation that sheds leaves easily, so you don’t have to clean it all the time afterwards. Trees or shrubs located around the play area must not have thorns.

If you live in a hot region most of the year, the most recommended are palm trees and bamboo, because they give an air of tropicality to the environment. If you are in a region with a milder temperature, you can opt for hibiscus and gardenias.

There are also several options, each one more suitable for a type of soil and climate: dwarf coconut, jasmine, elephant’s foot, etc.

4. Plan the furniture

To create a harmonious environment, don’t think about each detail separately. When choosing furniture, choose pieces that are resistant to heat, rain and that also match the colors and style of the pool. What kind of space do you want to create?

Chairs, tables, stools and loungers are essential to bring comfort to users. If you are one of those who love to plan a party, spaces for small meals cannot be missed! Gazebos are a great option in this case due to their dual functionality: it is a space free from the sun’s rays and brings elegance.

The impacts of pool landscaping

Landscaping brings beauty, comfort and balance between all parts of an environment. It is possible to have an amazing pool by thinking about the tips above!

Plants, for example, are like the frame of a picture, delimiting paths for visitors and bringing life to the environment. However, be careful not to turn the space into a forest. The more vegetation, the more bugs and dirt you attract to the pool.

In this sense, be sure to invest in quality equipment that sanitizes and treats water. Thus, you contribute to the water quality and aesthetics of the place.

Keep in mind that the outdoor area is like an alternative place to socialize, whether on hot days or colder days. In this way, opting for comfortable furniture and, preferably, with dual functions, is a trick to be able to use the area practically all year round.

Having a complete, well-lit and pleasant leisure area at home is possible. To create a special ambiance, you need to consider various landscaping elements for and around your pool. Whether creating from scratch or just renovating, defining quality furniture, plants, colors and lights are things that must be done together to succeed.

So, make a combination of materials, textures and colors that you prefer and that have the functions you need most. Combining aesthetics with functionality you will have an amazing pool. With these tips, you already know where to start.

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