Swimming pools with a beach: discover the differentials

Before buying a swimming pool for your home, it is very important to know all the models available on the market and which one is the best cost-benefit for you. After all, so that everyone can have a moment of leisure and fun, it is important that the pool is suitable for the profile of your home. Homes with children, elderly people and pets have different needs than homes with only adults living together. And, therefore, in this article we are going to present a model of swimming pool that is being sought by many people: the swimming pools with little beach. They offer a number of advantages, which include, in particular, the safety of children and pets, due to the different heights of depth. To better understand what pools with prainha are and what are their advantages, follow the content!

Generally, when we go diving in the sea we always enter slowly, starting with the shallowest part to be safe and then going deeper. This is the premise of the pool with the beach: to provide the safety and convenience of the beach, but in the comfort of your home.

The pool with the beach, basically, has a shallower area compared to the rest of the pool. The water height of the “prainha” is about 30 cm, which provides the possibility of carrying out more relaxing and safer activities.

With this, it is possible to walk safely in the pool area and, otherwise, feel free to go to the deepest region of the water. This provides security for everyone in the house, in addition to allowing the practice of activities in the shallowest region.

If you have small children and animals at home, the pool with a small beach is a good alternative, since the shallow depth allows children to play more safely and if any animal falls, it will be able to get out easily.

It is simpler to build a swimming pool with a small beach if you don’t already have a leisure space like this in your home, because that way it is easier to design the pool according to the shape of your land.

But if you already have a pool and want to include the little beach, it is also perfectly possible. Professionals can help you build the shallowest area in the existing tank.

However, a lot of caution is needed in the second case, as fiber tanks can suffer damage and risk of infiltration. Therefore, value for a very well executed project.

If, even with what we said above, you still haven’t seen much use in the pool with beach, we’ve separated 5 advantages of this model to know if it’s ideal for your profile.

The shallowest part of the beach considerably facilitates the entry and exit of both bathers with limited mobility, as well as those who opt for a calmer entry and exit.

This shallower part is also ideal for the entry of children and pets, who do not need to go to the deepest part of the pool. With the little beach, they can have fun and enjoy the pool in the same way.

Even when designing this style of pool, it is important to choose a non-slip floor so that people do not run the risk of slipping and falling.

It is possible to place comfortable loungers and chairs on its beach so that bathers can relax with a sunbathe while cooling off in the water. In addition, bathers can also enjoy snacks and drinks – which would not be possible or very comfortable in a deep pool.

However, pay attention to the material of the furniture. It is recommended to opt for those that are water resistant and do not release elements that contaminate the pool. This will ensure greater durability to the furniture, as well as keeping the pool clean for longer. 

Pools with deep ponds still predominate in homes, so if you are looking for something modern and different, pools with a small beach are a good choice.

The design of the swimming pools with a small beach values ​​the architecture of your leisure area and brings a bold and pleasant look. Therefore, add value and sophistication to your garden with a swimming pool with a small beach.

As previously mentioned, the swimming pools with a small beach are a totally safe space for children and animals, as the water height is only 30 cm. The risk of accidents is much lower than in a deep-tank pool.

Thus, a swimming pool with a small beach along with a non-slip floor allows children to use the pool with everyone and have fun safely.

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