Pregnant at the pool: what are the main precautions

We know that a good pool bath is not denied to anyone! But there are some situations where you have to think twice before jumping in the water and that’s what happens when we talk about pregnant women in the pool.

Of course, they can also enjoy this place with family and friends, but care must be taken to ensure the health of mom and baby.

And so that you know what these precautions are, we have produced this article with several tips on the subject.

Thus, you stay on top of the topic and can also contribute to promoting the safety and comfort of pregnant women in the pool. Check out!

Many people have doubts about whether pregnant women can, in fact, enter the pool. And about that, they can be carefree: it’s okay to take a good bath in the pool during pregnancy.

Just be careful not to make too intense movements and try to stay closer to the edges to hold on if you have any discomfort.

In fact, when it comes to pregnant women at the pool, common sense really matters. It is possible and even good to ease the discomfort of the last months of pregnancy for the woman to stay in the water or practice light movements with the support of a specialized professional. What is not recommended is diving and jumping, which can be more dangerous at this stage.

Speaking of which, the ideal is always to use the ladder to get in and out of the pool. There are even models that are more recommended for pregnant women, the so-called confort stairs.

They have a slight slope, in addition to double steps and safe handrails, which promote more comfort and safety for entry and exit. Therefore, they are a great option for pregnant women in the pool.

Additional tips for a good pool bath

It’s impossible to talk about a pool without thinking about the sun, isn’t it? Pregnant women also need to pay attention to it!

During pregnancy, the skin becomes much more sensitive, which contributes to the appearance of blemishes. Therefore, it is necessary to redouble care with the sun, using a hat and umbrella, in addition to a sunscreen with a higher protection factor.

- Cautions when entering and leaving:

As you can imagine, it is not recommended that you jump or jump into the pool. Don’t even do deep dives. The best option is always to use the access ladder. Also, it is interesting to always stay around the edges. Because this will provide you with greater security in an eventual ill-being that may happen.

- Clothes that are damp for a long time:

After cooling off in the pool, arrange for an immediate change of clothing. Since staying in wet clothes for a long time can favor you to contract infections. Like candidiasis, for example.

- Protect yourself from the sun:

Pregnant women should avoid overexposure to the sun’s rays. That’s because the woman’s skin, during this period, becomes more fragile. And because of this, the incidence of spots on the face or arms, especially, can increase.

So use and abuse sunscreen and a hat. Always stay in the shade as much as possible. This will also help you not feel your body bloated.

- Fluid intake is essential:

In this heat, a great evil that afflicts pregnant women is the fluctuation of blood pressure. A great tip is to drink plenty of water.

Because the liquid will help to keep your pressure stable. Inhibiting, therefore, that you feel any sudden discomfort. So remember! Never spend significant time in the pool without constantly hydrating!

- Keeping water quality safe:

Clean and well-treated water is of paramount importance for any bather to enjoy the pool safely. With pregnant women, it could not be different. Quite the opposite! Since pregnancy ends up affecting a woman’s immunity.

And, by entering a pool with untreated water, it can significantly increase the likelihood that you will be contaminated by some virus or bacteria. Which, if left untreated, can be harmful to your health or that of the baby.

If in doubt, think that the most appropriate thing is to use common sense! No making sudden movements. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, right?

A clean and beautiful pool is an invitation for a good bath, do you agree? But in addition, ensuring the health of the water is essential for the safety and well-being of pregnant women and all other bathers who frequent this space.

Therefore, in addition to the care we have already discussed, pay attention to the quality of the pool water.

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