Yoga by the pool? Learn about aqua yoga and its health benefits

When it comes to relaxing, both yoga and a pool with clean, crystal-clear water are great options, right? Even better when these two things come together with the practice of yoga in the pool!

If you haven’t heard of this activity yet, know that it has gained more and more space and is now available even in some clubs and gyms, in addition to being able to be done at home.

Yoga in the pool, also known as acqua yoga or even as woga, is nothing more than performing yoga positions in the pool or on a board over the water.

These are movements that combine the relaxation promoted by this ancient Indian art with the fluidity of water, which helps to enhance this benefit and further relax the body and mind.

And the advantages of yoga in the pool do not stop there, as it brings good results in other aspects as well. For you to know more about this subject, we list the benefits of this practice and some tips to start practicing it there in your home pool. Check out!

Aqua yoga is an activity that benefits both the physical and mental health of practitioners and, therefore, is capable of promoting several positive results. For example, as several yoga exercises work the breath, the so-called pranayamas, relaxation is instantaneous and, underwater, it ends up being potentiated, as it offers lightness and an even greater sense of well-being.

Improvement in quality of life

From the moment you start to practice physical activity, your body is flooded with substances that promote well-being and pleasure, so one of the benefits of practicing this modality is a significant improvement in your quality of life. Those who practice physical activity have a much stronger and more resistant immune system and are happier.

Physical and emotional balance

Yoga exercises are very efficient to promote balance and well-being to any practitioner. With a millenary tradition, Yoga exercises serve not only to bring benefits to the body, but to the mind as well.

In the practice of Yoga in the pool, different postures of traditional Yoga are used. These postures, called asanas, contribute not only to physical balance and strengthening, but also to emotional balance, because to perform each position it is essential to be concentrated and focused on the activity.

Relief from insomnia and depression

By working with many breathing exercises, when you start doing Yoga in the pool, your body feels an almost instantaneous relief and sense of well-being, increasing your moments of relaxation.

The body, when it is in a state of relaxation, sends insomnia away and facilitates the arrival of sleep. Having an easier time falling asleep is a very important factor in curing depression, as the depressed person finds it more difficult to relax and fall asleep.

Improved muscle strengthening

Yoga exercises are great for increasing muscle tone. These benefits only increase when the practice takes place underwater. Even if the exercises are low impact, at the time of their execution, a large group of muscles is working to make the action happen.

This muscle strengthening occurs with the execution and practice of each movement. Having a strengthened body can also be synonymous with greater flexibility.

Improvement in blood circulation

Some blood circulation problems can be noticed through varicose veins and thrombi present in the lower limbs. Many blood circulation problems are caused by high blood pressure, high cholesterol and other pathologies.

Practicing physical activity is one of the most effective remedies against this disease, but it is very important to know how to choose the best activity to practice. Activities of high intensity and with a very high load may not be the best option and, in these cases, Aqua Yoga is a good alternative.

Yoga in the pool can be practiced on a board over the water and in the water itself, with free exercises with feet on the ground or on the edge or performed with the help of spaghetti pool floats.

The ideal is that the temperature of the water is between 34 and 36 oC so that the practitioners feel relaxed and do not get cold, since the movements are slow.

It is possible to practice yoga in the pool individually, in pairs and even in groups, an occasion that also helps to reduce shyness and promote rapport between people.

An acqua yoga class usually includes breathing exercises, mantras, light movements and others that require more balance, strength and coordination, such as those performed on floats.

There is no age for practicing aquatic yoga, everyone can participate. The only contraindication is in relation to people who do not know how to swim, because, depending on the depth of the pool and other aspects, such as the monitoring or not of professionals, this can bring risks of drowning. In addition, the activity is beneficial for everyone!

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