Pool landscaping: how to decorate the area

The pool is something that perfectly completes a garden.

However, there is no point in placing it in this space if there is no landscaping for the pool, that is, special care with its surroundings.

Knowing how to choose the plants that will make the leisure area even more beautiful is very important, because, otherwise, they can dirty the water and make the environment unattractive. In addition, the other elements, such as the deck covering, lighting and lawn, must be in full harmony.

If you want to decorate yours, know that you are in the right place. Here, we will present some ideas on how to make a pool decoration without spending a lot, simply and quickly. 

Here are some simple pool decor ideas that you can start now to make the area more inviting, cozy and ideal for a refreshing moment in the shade, with bathing suits and a cold drink.

Bet on white paint

A cool painting proposal for the pool area is white, a more accessible, minimalist paint color that goes with everything and still gives a touch of elegance and a feeling of spaciousness. Thus, you save money and leave the environment pleasant.

Use shades of brown

Earthy tones are on the rise when it comes to pool decor. So, the tip is to use wooden furniture and paints in the same tone to decorate the area. A brick barbecue matches well with this color and makes the space very cozy.

Use patterned coating

Thinking about pool decoration, what do you think of the idea of using a ceramic with a print? This option is on the rise in the market and makes the area more sophisticated.

By opting for a printed model, you leave the space with an air similar to that of a kiosk on the beach or a club. In this sense, some pool decoration ideas are: prints of fish, corals, flowers and shells.

Unite the garden and the pool

How about making a garden-decorated pool area? This idea is very good to combine family leisure and the outside area of the house. By uniting the garden and the pool in the same space, you can bet on green to decorate the furniture.

Choosing sun loungers and parasols in greenish tones, surrounding the pool with pots or even planting a tree nearby are interesting decorating ideas.

Use synthetic grass

To facilitate cleaning, be practical and not leave aesthetics aside, you can bet on synthetic materials. Thus, it is possible to have a decoration for the pool area with artificial grass, for example, resistant to weather conditions.

Invest in a waterfall if you have room to spare.

This tip goes beyond a simple ornament: investing in a waterfall for a decorated pool brings a lot of sophistication and elegance. There are several models available on the market, but the tip is to bet on stones, which give a more natural look.

Organize the space

To organize the space of your decoration for a small pool, bet on folding furniture, such as sun loungers and garden tables. That way, you can store them to keep the area more organized while they’re not in use.

Bet on LED lights

Using LED lights can be a differential when decorating the pool area. Here, creativity can be put into practice: buy chains of lights to contour the space or floating options in different formats to give that charm and make it a success at parties.

Invest in an ombrelone

An ombrelone is a larger, more resistant and elegant alternative to the common sombrero and the popular parasol. To make the area even more sophisticated, combine it with lounge chairs made of the same material and color tone. 

Increase the fun with toys

The items that will be used inside the pool are not only part of the decoration but are fundamental to take the moments lived there to another level! Check out some suggestions to make the pool even more fun: slides, floats and spaghetti, floating cup holders, basketball hoop, volleyball net or goals to play in water.

Do it yourself

As mentioned, having a swimming pool at home is a charm, but it can be expensive to go after professionals who make a decoration that you like. Therefore, our last tip has to do with the DIY technique, acronym for “do it yourself”.

In this technique, you build, repair, or customize things independently, without the help of professionals. Thus, it is possible to abuse creativity when using materials that you already have at home, for example, to customize the environment in your own way.

That way, you can invest in the decorations that most catch your attention and give them your personal touch. Thus, it is possible to spend less and make the pool area more intimate.

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